Timelapse photography is a technique that allows me to express my creativity at its best.

Single photos freeze a single moment in a 2D image. Timelapses allow me to capture changes in light and motion that wouldn’t be visible otherwise. They also allow for camera movement, which provides a more three-dimensional vision of landscapes.

Being able to add a soundtrack and ambient effects is the final touch to create what I believe is a highly immersive experience.



Explore the iconic mountains, glaciers, and lakes of Patagonia in this epic cinematic journey.



This entire project was filmed in one week. The mission of the trip was to scout the south coast of Portugal and find the best locations. My personal aim was to represent the idea of what in the past had been the edge of our known world. Beyond these cliffs, people thought there was only ocean before the discovery of America. Hence the title ‘Primordial Edge,’ which reminds me of a vast natural border.



These are my mountains, the ones I can see from home. The mountains where I went for the first time when I was only 6 years old… not by myself, of course!

This small project was filmed during a 2-day hike. There are certain days of the year when we experience a significant cloud inversion in the Padan plain, and from the mountaintop, you can witness a vast carpet of clouds.

During this particular hike, I reached the summit by sunset, spent the night in my tent, and woke up just before sunrise.



The Italian Dolomites are where I learned photography; having them so close to home is a privilege. In my free time, I used to drive to the Dolomites with my campervan to spend 3-4 days with friends, exploring and taking photos. My first timelapse project couldn’t have been anywhere else but here! Since I was working at the time, it took me a whole year to collect these clips. I am looking forward to filming more and creating a new, next-level video of the Dolomites.

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