My name is Francesco, and I’m a professional landscape photographer based in northern Italy. I embarked on my photographic journey when I acquired my first mirrorless camera during high school. It quickly became my greatest passion, surpassing sports and music. After obtaining my driver’s license, I began road-tripping around the Dolomites in my campervan, accompanied by my friends. It was during these trips that I honed my skills and developed my unique style.

Upon graduating, I embarked on a solo adventure in Norway that lasted 20 days. Armed with only my backpack and camera, I traversed the country by hitchhiking. It was during this journey that I met a friend who has since become my travel companion on occasion.

In 2020, I delved into the art of timelapse photography, a subject that had always fascinated me. I created my first film in the Dolomites, which served as my playground and inspiration.

In 2023, I joined the Capture The Atlas family, an opportunity that allows me to lead photo tours around Europe and South America, teaching all the techniques that I learnt in these years

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